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Commercial Concrete, Excavating, Foundations and Underground Utilities

Whether it’s underfoot or underground, the true measure of quality for concrete, excavating and underground utilities is conformity to job specifications, performance of its intended function and endurance over time. As a site work contractor, we'’re confident that our clients in southeast Michigan, throughout the state and the surrounding region, would agree that our work exceeds these expectations.

Quality Work

At Merlo Construction we pride ourselves on unparalleled quality workmanship and attention to detail. From our field specialists to our support personnel to our administrative staff, our experienced team of professionals brings their broad knowledge and innovative ideas to every project. In addition, we implement our proprietary workflow systems and other efficiencies that ensure projects stay on schedule and on budget.

Quality Service

Simply put: we show up when we say we will and do what we say we can do. That’s our definition of integrity – and our guiding principle.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We own a complete line of late model excavating and heavy construction equipment, as well as laser concrete screeds and laser/GPS-guided bulldozers that ensure a smooth, level finish.

Trust Merlo Construction with your next project.

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